Pelco, Inc. (“Pelco”) hereby requests permission from Customer to utilize photos and video submitted by Customer. By submitting photographs, videos, voice recordings, statements, images and/or likenesses (the “Materials”), Customer: i) irrevocably consents to the use of the Materials by Pelco for any promotional, publicity, programming, communications, or other lawful purpose, in any media, in perpetuity, without compensation or notice; ii) represents and warrants that Customer owns all of the rights in the Materials, has obtained the legal right to reproduce the image of any person(s) represented in the Materials and that Pelco’s use of the Materials will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party; and iii) agrees to release and hold harmless Pelco, its administrators, partners, affiliates, employees, representatives and agents from any liability or claims that relate in any way to the use of the Materials in the manner described above.


Materials collected may include Customer’s trademarks, service marks, logos and other public information about Customer, and direct quotes given by Customer or its employees along with their names and titles.


Customer agrees to review the materials, provide any edits, and consent to Pelco’s perpetual use of the final approved materials, without compensation, for sales, marketing and communications purposes on the Pelco web site and in Pelco print publications and presentations as detailed above. Customer also acknowledges that nothing of material value was received from Pelco in exchange for participation in the customer experience activities.


Customer confirms that the materials accurately reflect the specific customer experience and do not reveal information that is known to be confidential. Customer also confirms that all specific claims or facts in the materials, such as cost savings or performance improvements, are accurate and supported by data and releases Pelco from any and all claims for damages for defamation or any other claim based upon its use. If the customer experience materials are no longer accurate, both Customer and Pelco will use reasonable efforts to notify necessary parties and remove materials in a reasonable time.


Participants will receive one of the following nominal takeaway items: Pelco-branded i) Yeti bottle (NAM); or ii) Swell bottle (Non-NAM), each with an approximate value of no more than $50 USD, while supplies last.


Applicable to Government Customers only: Customer confirms that there are no rules, regulations or prohibitions that prevent Pelco’s utilization for publicity, advertising or promotional purposes, or customers receipt of nominal takeaway item.


Customer agrees that they have read and understand the contents of this document, and have the authority to sign on behalf of the entity.