This is an exciting week for Pelco’s partners. We will release two products to market and will begin accepting pre-orders for another. We want you to be the first to learn about these products to prepare you to begin your selling efforts.
VideoXpert Version 2.5

Our VideoXpert Version 2.5 Video Management System brings even more control to surveillance operators, maximizing what and how they see video based on events. VideoXpert Version 2.5 is now available for download.

Evolution 12MP 180-Degree Wall-Mounted Cameras

Our Evolution 12MP 180-Degree Wall-Mounted Cameras are optimized for an undistorted eye-level panoramic field of view and will begin shipping on June 29.

Spectra Professional IR

Our new Spectra Professional IR rugged outdoor cameras covertly capture mission-critical detail above the horizon in poorly lit situations using the state-of-industry H.265 compression standard, We will begin accepting pre-orders on June 30.

Please contact us to find out more about VideoXpert v2.5, the Evolution 12MP 180, or the Spectra Professional IR.

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